Reasons for Recovery

In Blair Burden's first novel, she tells an uplifting story about a suicidal teen who suffers from cutting and feels as though her life is being controlled by those who are not relevant to her life anymore. She goes through a love triangle, deaths, and saving a life to finally realize her purpose.

This book is free. It's available in various formats. If you don't see a format that is appropriate for your device, please contact me at 


"Hi my name is ____* I just wanted to say your book spoke to me and I loved it!! Thanks so much"

"I read reasons on my wrist and i thought that the first person style of writing was very effective, and gave a really good insight into how she was feeling, so it would be really cool if you could another story in first person." 

"Thanks for writing this book it was amazing....i really like the morals in the book and i think i have learned from them. So thanks 4 writin(g) such a great book!"

"I just finished reading your book Reasons for Recovery and I must say it was a good read. I loved Jordan's character more than any other character. I think a lot of teenage girls in Cassie's situation would be better off with someone like that rooting for them, not even to fall in love, though falling in love is the best thing that could have happened.., I mean every book needs a love story and a happy ending. Jordan is more like a guardian angel. He is always there when you need someone, even if you dont think you need him. We all need someone like that in our lives. Someone who will love you no matter how wrong or unpolished you are. Someone who will stay by your side even if you are trashing your life into a thousand pieces. I dont know, maybe I'm just a romantic and I read a lot of love stories. But Jordan would be my kind of guardian angel. :)"
"I'm much like the girl in you story and reading it helped me a lot. :) I learned that like was a lot more valuable that it seems & maybe thing will get better like in the book. Thanks :)"

"I want to say that I loved that book so much but I love the character, Jordon even more. Usually I don't read books about a suicidal person because it's sad that people are doing that to themselves and people don't stop them but I knew that this book would be a different story. I loved it so much that I recommended it to a bunch of my friends. It made me learn to love life and live to the fullest capacity."

"I recently downloaded your book, reasons for recovery, and I found the main character to be deeply dark. I am a fourteen year old girl who thinks her life is quite pleasant. What I didn't realize was that during the days I was reading this sad book I began feeling depressed and useless. Just the other day I began crying about how my family wasn't appreciating me as a person/daughter/sister. Cassie really affected my life with her negative thoughts and actions. I don't want to disappoint you, but I strongly encourage you to pull back on letting children, like me, read this emotionally draining book of yours. If you disagree with my opinion, I will strongly inform you to email me back and explain why.
P.S. You should have included at least ONE stable person in this mentally disturbing book."

"I want my own Jordan, but am I the only one who thought Raymond was a hot piece of ass. I just imagined Mr. Fitz from this show. Cassie should have married Raymond."

*names are not posted for privacy reasons. if you believe your comment should be taken down, email me.

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